Battlefield 1: Nuova patch nel CTE!

E’ in arrivo una nuova succulenta patch nel Community Test Environment per correggere bug come gli incidenti indesiderati a causa di lag, strani movimenti dei personaggi, tempi di caricamento troppo lunghi e la rimozione della ricarica automatica delle granate dopo tot tempo, che tornerà ad essere possibile solo grazie a sacchi di munizioni.

Dopo aver annunciato il rilascio mensile di aggiornamenti per Battlefield, DICE pubblica questa nuova patch che aggiungerà probabilmente varie opzioni alla modalità Operazioni e che – si spera – dovrebbe anche introdurre i plotoni (chi ha giocato al precedente Battlefield 4 sà già di cosa si tratta, una specie di gilda/clan dei giochi gdr adattata all’ambientazione di guerra che rappresenta Battlefield 1).

Ancora in fase di testing la nuova mappa Nivelle Nights di cui abbiamo già parlato qui.

Ecco la lista dettagliata in inglese della nuova patch:

[spoiler effect=”apblind” show=”Mostra” hide=”Nascondi”] WEAPONS & GADGETS


  • Fixed all sniper rifles to have separate cocking pieces.
  • Fixed incorrect scope sway when using 2.00x or 1.25x magnification.
  • Wrench will no longer make repair sounds and play repair animation when vehicle is fully repaired.
  • Fixed an issue where the repair indicator progress was not updating when repairing with a wrench.
  • Fixed issue where the weapon skin “The Seaforth Highlander” was misspelled as “Higlander”. There can be only one.
  • Corrected UI for rate of fire for the M1903 Marksman and Sniper from 51 to 54 rpm, which is the actual ROF for these weapons.
  • Fixed issue where K Bullets could hurt tanks farther than 150 meters away.
  • Fixed incorrectly low drag for the Chauchat.
  • Increased M1903 Experimental trigger pull weight to match the ROF change done in They Shall Not Pass.
  • Removed post reload delay when using K Bullets on the Martini-Henry.
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair disappeared when zooming in using the Villar-Perosa.
  • Fixed a bug where certain first person reload-animations that were interrupted when killed would not play after being revived.
  • Fixed bayonet bug that allowed player to be killed without triggering the animation when there was no obstacle between them.

Grenade changes:

  • Added a 0.3 s throw delay to all grenades
  • Reduced the outer blast radius of the following grenades:
  • Frag/Stick: 6.3 from 7.0
  • Impact/Min/Light ATi: 5.6 from 6.0
  • Increased fuse timings on the following grenades:
  • Mini/Frag/Stick: 1.4 s minimum delay from 1.3 s, 0.85 s fuse from 0.7 s
  • Impact: 1.2 s minimum delay from 1.0 s
  • Incendiary: 1.4 s minimum delay from 1.3 s
  • Rifle Frag: 0.8 s fuse from 0.7 s

Increased lethal grenade resupply timers:

  • Mini: 28s
  • Gas: 35s
  • Light AT: 42s
  • Frag: 49s
  • Impact: 49s
  • Incendiary: 49s
  • Increased magazine size for smoke grenades from 1 to 2.

General Grenade changes:

  • Reduced damage of AT Grenades against standard soldiers by 10%.
  • Increased ammo box resupply rate modifier from 3x to 3.5x for all lethal grenades.
  • Grenades will no longer resupply unless player is near supply crate or pack.
  • Grenades should no longer collide with team mates within 10m.
  • Incoming suppression will halt resupply progress of grenades without an ammo box, and will reduce resupply speed with an ammo box to two thirds its normal value.
  • Fixed position of rib sight for 12g Auto.
  • Added folded bayonet when no bayonet is equipped instead of completely removing it for Automatico.
  • Fixed incorrect 2x zoom level for Bodeo1889.
  • Tweaked muzzle VFX of Hellriegel.
  • Fixed spread decrease being too slow for Infantry version of Lebel Model 1886.
  • Fixed bipod having no influence on recoil and hipfire spread for Sniper version of Lebel Model 1886.
  • Fixed issue where K Bullet icon would not be visible when using the Lebel.



  • Fixed a bug where the first-person camera on the Artillery Truck could be in the wrong position.
  • Fixed a bug where the 1st person camera in the St. Chamond tank would not reset when exiting and re-entering the driver seat during the camera transition for the Pigeon Carrier Artillery.
  • Corrected BL9 Gas Shell Friendly Fire Behavior. Now damage will be disabled with friendly fire off instead of suppression.
  • Moved weapon components for St. Chamond equipment from under the vehicle to near the top to allow them to be used in shallow water.
  • Increased inner blast radius of AA cannons from 4 to 6 meters when the detonation is triggered by a vehicle.
  • Removed impact impulse from plane MGs.
  • Fixed bad behavior on crashing planes by disabling rotor critical state when landing gear is deployed.
  • Removed physics impulses from Desert Armored Train AA weapon projectile.
  • Fixed issue where player could sometimes falsely see two available vehicles instead of one in the deploy screen.
  • Fixed issue where artillery shells would explode midair.
  • Fixed an issue where the saber sound kept playing when jumping off a horse while swinging.
  • Fixed incorrectly low damage of rockets against other planes.

Increased AA cannon blast damage multiplier against planes:

  • Fighter: 0.8 from 0.7
  • Attack Plane: 0.75 from 0.7
  • Bomber: 0.65 from 0.6

Increased sniper rifle damage multiplier against planes:

  • Fighter: 1.2 from 1
  • Attack Plane: 0.9 from 0.75
  • Bomber: 0.375 from 0.3125

Ranken Darts:

  • Increased reload time from 12 to 15 seconds
  • Decreased blast damage from 20 to 16.7
  • Decreased blastradius from 3 to 1.5 meters
  • Direct damage no longer hurts soldiers


  • Fixed horse melee and camera toggle gamepad button mapping issues related to the alternate and Legacy Southpaw schemes.
  • Fixed the airplanes throttle input mapping in Lefty buttons + Legacy Southpaw stick combo.
  • Fixed issue where the Legacy Southpaw control scheme for the Field Gun made the RS have both Strafe and Look functionality.
  • Fixed issue where using a joystick alongside a mouse would cause the keymapping to revert to default functions.
  • Added advanced gameplay option for adjusting the Stick Aiming Acceleration. Allows setting the soldier aiming when using a stick, as seen in Battlefield 4.
  • Removed invalid binding for Left Alternate controller with the horse. Gallop and Melee were being bound to left stick click, which is not possible. Removed the melee attack binding and from now on only gallop will trigger (melee attack would never trigger anyway).
  • Fixed a bug where vaulting could be triggered while transitioning into prone.
  • Diving underwater and resurfacing can now only be triggered when the soldier has finished the previous dive or resurface animation.
  • Fixed a bug where certain inputs would stop working after vaulting.
  • Separated dead zones for joysticks and gamepads.
  • Added options to adjust the axial dead zones of the gamepad sticks and the joystick.
  • Added options to adjust max input thresholds for sticks and gamepad triggers (L2/R2).


  • Adjusted the columns on the scoreboard to restore score and latency to their intended font size.
  • Fixed issue where an overlap was present in squad menu for the XP boost and the padlock.
  • Fixed issue where wrong weapon and weapon skin would sometimes appear on the killcam.
  • The Squad XP boost logo is now responding correctly to the highlight.
  • Fixed issue where player was unable to see nearby medics if he/she killed him/herself with gas or incendiary grenade.
  • Fixed issue where weapons bought for Warbonds in the menu system would not show as unlocked in the customize screen.
  • Fixed issue where some game messages would not show up in the chat.
  • Fixed issue where other classes than Medic could show up in the “Nearby Medics” list when dead. Can still appear in some rare cases.
  • Fixed issue where the same map could show up in both slots during vote map.
  • Added a gameplay option to turn off the Player-Created content.


  • Fixed jitter for spectator when movement starts.
  • Replaced Ping in Scoreboard by Latency for all platforms.
  • Players with a connection above 100ms will have to lead their shot as server side hit detection is performed, indicated by icon in upper right corner. This should lower the hit around corner effects and impede a penalty for high ping players to hit players.
  • Improved extrapolation handling for jittery players. Movement should now be much smoother and allow the other clients to have better hit detection on those.
  • Lowered thresholds for network latency warning icons. Latency: Yellow 90ms Red: 200ms.
  • Fixed issue with grenade unspawning when owner died. When you dropped a grenade right before you died, it previously just disappeared.
  • Allow bullet damage from killed players if the victim got his shot off while he was still alive. This will allow killtrades, but in a fair manner.
  • Improved level loading times during network syncing phase. Will improve the time joining into ongoing matches.
  • Prioritize hit information over other information during networking.
  • Fixed issue where bullet impact FX would appear at the wrong impact positions.
  • Moved hit effect in more sync with networked shooter/shooting.
  • Changed warning icons to use average fps for fps instead of CPU spikes.
  • Improved algorithm of calculating lag compensation.


    • Fixed issue that would make map loading times longer than necessary.
    • Fixed issue with flickering water when running the game in SLI.
    • Fixed a tracking issue with heal and revive scoring criteria.
    • Map voting is now on as default on official experiences.
    • Fixed issue where server would crash if 24 players connected at the same time for Domination.
    • Fixed issue where players could exploit damaging and repairing a vehicle for experience. No more!
    • Game will now always de-spawn a corpse when the player spawns in again. (Seeing your own dead body can be scary.)


Cosa ne pensate di questa patch? Fatecelo sapere!


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